Stilling Essential Oil

After much research and dreaming, it’s so exciting to actually distill essential oil. There’s a great learning curve ahead, but I watched those first drips of oil-spotted hydrosol like some mother hen.

Essential Oil Distillery at Akronside

Here’s the still my wonderful husband bought for me. There’s an extra column, but being dead of winter I could only pick enough lavender leaves to fill one. And, leaves aren’t buds, where the aroma is located. Still (no pun intended), our house smelled heavenly and I discovered hydrosol! What a fantastic natural cleaning product for countertops, what a sweet spray for the room, or for linens, completely natural! It’s the water of quality lotions too, so I hope to expand beyond the skin-softening butter.

The idea of pulling essential oil makes me think of God. The God who created such amazing garden yield is in essence complete purity and wondrous perfection. He is so complete in and of Himself that we find Him incomprehensible, yet He is infinitely and immanently present in every nook, cranny, trial and shadow in which we cower. He is the unchanging and timeless Rock we yearn for, the transcendent stability that deepens and gives meaning to every emotion. Oh, for courage and wisdom to love Him and to bend the knee.

Daniel 11:32 [ESV] The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.

One Reply to “Stilling Essential Oil”

  1. The copper still looks very interesting! It’s amazing all the work that goes into these essential oil’s. Keep up the good work.
    Very attractive website

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