Welcome to Lavender & Rose Concessions

Welcome to all, especially fellow gardeners, excited that spring is around the corner!

For sure I can’t take credit for this idea. Back in October, six-year-old Lydia, all on fire to “sell something,” dragged a table and chair out to the street. Fresh out of lemons, what should I do. Well, I picked the garden clean, hid on the front porch, and watched like a hawk. Half an hour later, the girl’s table was empty. Better yet, she’d made the day for several passers-by. So if you’re passing by, the concessions we sell flow essentially (haha) from garden goodness, fairies included, and we hope your day is better for your visit here. Thanks for stopping by.

2 Replies to “Welcome to Lavender & Rose Concessions”

    1. This is truly wonderful my friend and I’m very excited to see how the Lord will use this business endeavor for His glory!

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