When you hear about schizophrenia, what’s your response? Hand the topic over to experts? Run like the house is on fire?

Schizophrenic behavior can be daunting — the muddled communication, the inordinate lack of motivation and activity, the apparently nonexistent affect and emotions. The lack of social functionality makes relationship difficult, and the cognitive difficulty tends to unnerve. Faced with delusional hallucinations or voices, we hit the panic button.

Questions haunt us. Does schizophrenia reveal a broken mind, a shattered mind? Is psychiatric hospitalization and medication the answer, or are there biblical answers? (more…)

Happy 4th, I hear, standing in the grocery store line with my hotdogs and ice-cream, ready for a fire-worked-up day, thinking, this July 4th, I have told a border story — Reseda.

I hold several in my heart. So do you.

Only Native Americans, with trails of tears and buried hearts and wounded knees, can claim no border history. The rest of us all crossed a border, we ourselves, or generations past. Some seeking. Some suffering. All of us in need.

For all of us, when we stand hand-over-heart in the gleaming twilight, proudly hailing broad stripes and bright stars, it’s there. Need. (more…)